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Post ini diterbitkan pada : Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jay Chou wins All Round Artist Award

Jay-chou-area.blogspot.com - The 2008 Beijing Chinese Pop Music Awards ceremony was held today at the Beijing Workers' Stadium, Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Xu Wei, S.H.E. and others all attended. At the ceremony, Jay Chou won The All Round Artist Award of the Year in Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as other awards, when he was being interviewed, Jay Chou praised the awards for being fair.

Not too long ago Jay Chou attended an "anti-piracy" press conference, he appealed to give music back some pure space. Winning at the Chinese Music Awards this time, he praised the awards for being fair "To be honest, in fact for some of them beforehand I knew afterwards what awards I would get, this one is completely different, we wait offstage. I don't really mind whether I win an award or not, I think it's quite nice, I won't get nervous."

Jay Chou has already been confirmed for the Spring Festival Gala this year, when asked what performance he would be doing, Jay Chou expressed they still haven't announced it yet. We let him recommend his favourite album, Jay Chou said: "The favourite one is "Fantasy", and also "Capricorn" sold the best." When reporters expressed that they wanted him to recommend other artists' albums, Jay Chou ridiculed himself: "I'm a bit narcissistic."

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